December Weekend Activity in Sedona Real Estate

This weekend wasn’t as busy as the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the world of Sedona Real Estate, but we did see another half dozen properties go into escrow this AM.    As of right now, there are 65 homes in escrow in Sedona and only 468 truly available residential properties.  This is a major dip in our inventory of available homes – this number was approx 20% higher 24 months ago.  It appears that we’re having a busy fall with many CASH buyers and some multiple offer situations on the best priced homes.

I can’t figure out why we tend to have so many CASH buyers at the end of every year, but if you have an idea – email me or write your comment below!

Sedona Real Estate – December 2010

There’s no doubt that Sedona real estate buyers are getting great deals in the current marketplace – with home prices starting at $200k.  The most popular segment of the market is under $400k – and we’ve seen a major upswing in activity and a dip in inventory for these homes recently.  These prices reflect a serious shift in pricing and allow many more interested buyers to become Sedona homeowners.  Although distressed properties make up about 19% of our inventory of available homes, they account for almost 40% of sales.  So, you’re getting a good price, but there is probably a reason there’s a good price – so look closely.  Many homes in the lower price ranges will need some love (call your contractor or handyman) – so be prepared when purchasing these good deals.  Taking into account what it will cost to upgrade these homes they’re still a good deal – but be warned… they’re selling quicker now than any time in the last few years!!!  If you’re thinking of buying – search Sedona properties here!