Sedona Land is a bargain

The time may not get too much better for buyers looking for deals on Sedona land.  While home prices are down 35% or so – the vacant land market has been especially hard hit – with some prices down 60-70% from their highs a few years back.  Not many lenders are making loans available for properties – but if you can afford to pick up a Sedona parcel of vacant land (starting at $55k) I’d say that this would be an excellent long-term investment.  You won’t be able to flip this and make money in a year or even two or three – but if you can hold for 10 years – I think you’ll be suprised how much this investment might make you!  When the market turns around (yes, it will get better) then lenders will be more likely to loan money – and that freed up money will be buying Sedona land and prices will rise.  Call, email, or TXT me and I’ll send you some land listings that are in your price range – or search yourself for yourself here

iPhone app allows easy Sedona home search

I just added an iPhone app available on my website that will help users find homes by GPS when in Sedona.  I don’t have an apple phone – but check it out if you live/work in Sedona or are just visiting.  Go to my site and dowload the app for your iPhone today and let me know your thoughts!!!

Spring Sedona Real Estate update

Well… we’re officially at the beginning of the busiest time of the year for properties changing hands here in Sedona, AZ.  Spring has traditionally been the busiest season – and this year is no exception.  In the last 2 weeks, 31 properties have gone under contract in areas 40-46 (the greater Sedona area – including the Village of Oak Creek).  Prices are down, there are some well priced homes on the market, and the weather’s fantastic – about 65 degrees and clear blue skies.  If you’re headed to town soon to evaluate some properties, be sure to contact your agent early to have me save you some time and email you properties in advance of your trip!

New March Sedona Real Estate Market statistics

Just updated the Monthly Market Update to reflect the end of February sales and inventory for the Sedona real estate market.  There are currently 579 properties on the market in the greater Sedona area (including all properties with a Sedona zip code 86336 and 86351) and 79 of them are already tied up in escrow.  So, there are only 500 truly available homes in Sedona as of this minute.  Spring is our busiest season and I’d expect to see many more homes get bought up over the coming weeks.  I’ll keep this site updated as best possible!!!  Follow the links if you’d like to search properties.